Brass and Stainless Steel Uses at Home

Nowadays more and more people start to appreciate a deep, saturated colours of copper, brass and stainless steel. They esteem a wide range of applications in interior design and modern art. Diverse qualities of natural metals allow talented and committed craftsman to create astonishing forms such as tiles and backsplashes, that can be used as functional house decor elements such as metal wall tiles. In this article we will present some possible uses of metals at home.

Elegance and modernity – explore beauty of natural metals
For the past thousands of years people admired their saturated colours, subtle shiny gloss but first and foremost – wide range of applications. Copper, brass and stainless steel are a perfect way to introduce some distinctive aesthetic into interior decor and our everyday lives. Copper tile or stainless steel tiles automatically bring sophistication to the room. Tiles can be easily arranged in various different combinations, making space look more original and unique, so that it stands out. Introduction of natural metals is especially popular among people who appreciate the fine quality and who seek sophistication.

Characteristic and properties of copper
Copper is a remarkable shiny, deep dark red-orange metal that is used by humans for at least ten thousand years. Due to its excellent properties, it still remains an essential in major branches of industry. Copper is very ductile, malleable but also corrosion resistant. Its physical features enable craftsmen to create truly stunning copper pieces such as copper tiles. They highlight extraordinary assets of kitchen or living room. Copper tile is willingly used as a decorative, yet practical element such as functional backsplash.

Brass and stainless steel – high quality materials for common use
Furthermore, also brass and stainless steel tiles are an interesting and original alternative decoration, that can brighten up every room decoration. They have uncountable desirable properties that mainly contribute to is universal application. Those metals are very resistant to corrosion and to both high and low temperatures. People appreciate their strength and durability. Tiles made out of brass and stainless steel have various applications – they can be a part of modern and stylish decor in the kitchen, lounge area and many more.

Design functional and stylish kitchen
Metal tiles can actually be used in uncountable ways, while everything depends on creativity and needs of the individual owner. Copper tiles for backsplash is a perfect way to easily elevate the look of a certain room and effortlessly give a touch of luxury and elegance into it. Backsplash is used to cover the area of wall between a kitchen counter top and the upper cabinets. It is a highly practical solution that protects walls from getting splotched, but also it brings a bit of luxury to the room. Tiles for brass backsplash are available in many forms and shapes. Owning to wide choice you can reveal your personal style and inner taste. We should admit that metal tiles are very easy to maintain. Their surface should be treated with just a soft cloth and mild detergent to erase most common marks and stains.

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